Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements

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  1. Recognizing Uncommon Presentations of Psychogenic (Functional) Movement Disorders

    José Fidel Baizabal-Carvallo, Robert Fekete
  2. Prenatal and Perinatal Morbidity in Children with Tic Disorders: A Mainstream School-based Population Study in Central Spain

    Esther Cubo, Montesclaros Hortigüela, Sandra Jorge-Roldan, Selva E. Ciciliani, Patricia Lopez, Leticia Velasco, Emilio Sastre, Vanesa Ausin, Vanesa Delgado, Sara Saez, José T. Gabriel-Galán, Jesús Macarrón
    Brief Reports
  3. Comparable Botulinum Toxin Outcomes between Primary and Secondary Blepharospasm: A Retrospective Analysis

    Daniel Martinez-Ramirez, Juan C. Giugni, Erin Hastings, Aparna W. Shukla, Irene A. Malaty, Michael S. Okun, Ramon L. Rodriguez
  4. Pathophysiology and Treatment of Alien Hand Syndrome

    Harini Sarva, Andres L. Deik, William L. Severt
  5. Reversibility of Tardive Dyskinesia Syndrome

    Angel Vinuela, Un J. Kang
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