Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements

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  1. Neuroacanthocytosis: Observations, Theories and Perspectives on the Origin and Significance of Acanthocytes

    Merel J. W. Adjobo-Hermans, Judith C. A. Cluitmans, Giel J. C. G. M. Bosman
  2. Orthostatic Tremor: A Spectrum of Fast and Slow Frequencies or Distinct Entities?

    Heather B. Rigby, Matthew H. Rigby, John N. Caviness
  3. Benign Hereditary Chorea: An Update

    Kathryn J. Peall, Manju A. Kurian
  4. PLA2G6-associated Dystonia-Parkinsonism: Case Report and Literature Review

    Siamak Karkheiran, Gholam Ali Shahidi, Ruth H. Walker, Coro Paisan-Ruiz
    Case Reports
  5. Mutation in GM2A Leads to a Progressive Chorea-Dementia Syndrome

    Mustafa A. Salih, Mohammed Z. Seidahmed, Heba Y. El Khashab, Muddathir H. Hamad, Thomas M. Bosley, Sabrina Burn, Angela Myers, Megan L. Landsverk, Patricia L. Crotwell, Kaya Bilguvar, Shrikant Mane, Michael C. Kruer
    Brief Reports
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