Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements

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  1. Severity Stages in Essential Tremor: A Long-Term Retrospective Study Using the Glass Scale

    Alexandre Gironell, Roser Ribosa-Nogué, Ignasi Gich, Juan Martín-Lahoz, Berta Pascual-Sedano
    Brief Reports
  2. Myoclonus in Ataxia-Telangiectasia

    Pichet Termsarasab, Amy C. Yang, Steven J. Frucht
    Case Reports
  3. Focal Task-specific Dystonia among Professional Musicians in Latin America

    Emilia M. Gatto, Anabel Chade, Gabriel Persi, Virginia Parisi, Ana Ayarza, Miguel Campuzzano, Silvia Garcia
  4. Vascular Risk Factors and Clinical Progression in Spinocerebellar Ataxias

    Raymond Y. Lo, Karla P. Figueroa, Stefan M. Pulst, Chi-Ying Lin, Susan Perlman, George Wilmot, Christopher M. Gomez, Jeremy Schmahmann, Henry Paulson, Vikram G. Shakkottai, Sarah H. Ying, Theresa Zesiewicz, Khalaf Bushara, Michael Geschwind, Guangbin Xia, S S. Subramony, Tetsuo Ashizawa, Sheng-Han Kuo
    Brief Reports
  5. Recognizing Uncommon Presentations of Psychogenic (Functional) Movement Disorders

    José Fidel Baizabal-Carvallo, Robert Fekete
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